Weekend®Log house

Weekend Logcabin or - logsauna!

                       Why choose us?


We manufacture individual log cabin solutions based on the customer's plans/drawings.


We always take the customer's wishes into account.


On the market for over 45 years.

                Traditional cabin types

Below are traditional types of log cabins. Do you want a habitable cottage, a model with a steep roof or a villa with a sloping roof or a traditional cottage with a sauna. Click on the picture and browse the log cabin options available online

House model                    Steep gable roof model            Low gable roof model          Cabin/sauna model

           Find your new cottage style

Do you have an idea or an interesting drawing as a basis for your own cabin, what it should look like.For us, a hand-made floor plan and section sketch is enough, on the basis of which we give a preliminary offer. Feel free to grab a pen and get used to your dreams